The Dress for the Interview that Wasn’t (Picture Time!)

This is Simplicity 2588 with added surface cording thanks to the Coletterie. You can read all about it here if you wish–also the link to the surface cording tutorial can be found there.

Guess how I feel about how hot it is. Just guess. . .

Also, this dress is completely lined with 100% polyester. 1) That’s all Jo-Ann’s had and 2) I didn’t know any better.

That is not a hickey on my neck. It’s a shadow. A SHADOW, I tell you! Also, let’s all take a moment and notice how wrongity-wrong my princess seams are. It’s definitely something to work on. 

This was only the second dress I made–so I wasn’t fully aware of proper fitting at the time. I’m still not fully aware–more like a comfortable partial awareness. Anyways, I’ve never noticed until looking at these pictures just how badly the bodice fits–particularly on the sides.

Farewell, Interview Dress, until the fall; for I refuse to wear you again until it’s below 65 degrees.


2 thoughts on “The Dress for the Interview that Wasn’t (Picture Time!)

  1. Gosh, this is cute! I can’t believe this was only your second dress! It looks great! And man… there isn’t much that I look forward to wearing when it’s hot like this. :/

  2. Thanks! To be fair, the surface cording–which is really the only reason I still like this dress–is something I just added about a month or so ago.
    And I hear ya! It’s weather like this that makes me think the nudists might be onto something. . .

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