The Sun Dress of Great Inspiration (Pictures!)

Stars and stripes forever, y’all. And to my readers from elsewhere, your countries are pretty awesome, too šŸ™‚

If you want to read about my Adventures in fitting this dress, start here and then go here.

I couldn’t be bothered with real shoes. It was eleventy-billion degrees.

It was incredibly hot out when we took these pictures. That’s why 1) My hair is in a wad and 2) Sometimes I look like I am So Over It.

The water felt fantastic! But there was a snake skin caught on a branch about two feet away. I didn’t get more adventurous than this.

I’m thinking that the next time I make this dress, I’ll cut the neck just a tad lower. This neckline is okay, but it feels like a bit much sometimes.

Bubbles! I have to say, this bubble mix was remarkably uncooperative.

If you remember, last time I made a bow belt (Thanks to Tilly! Go visit her if you haven’t–she’s in my links list.), I used sport twill and hated my life. This time, I used good old cotton broadcloth. So much unbelievably better. Also, if any of you make this dress, can you please enlighten me on how you handled your darts? I want to know.


7 thoughts on “The Sun Dress of Great Inspiration (Pictures!)

    • Thank you! My friend Hunter is definitely a photo-genius–sooo grateful for his help! Seriously, everyone should have a photog friend šŸ™‚

    • Oh, and I made this dress for my sister and basically fumbled my way through the darts. I didn’t stitch them to a point (which seems logical), but I stopped where the marking ended and then just ironed and ironed them until they seemed OK. They were pretty high on my sister (could’ve shortened them about an inch or so), but they turned out ok. You can see the dress here:

      • Those darts don’t look bad at all! I plan to make this dress again, so next time I’ll play around with them more to see if I can make them nice and neat like yours.
        And thanks! This dress has definitely gotten a LOT of wear.

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