Moody Monday


I’m just popping in to give you a brief update of the weekend’s accomplishments.

They are few.

I did not have a great morning, so I’m super grumpy and Not in the Mood.

But, I did finish my Iris shorts! I’ll fill you in later this week (my, there’s a lot to say!), but here’s a little peek:

The facings are my favorite part.

Also, tomorrow, I’m going to chat about how my Simplicity 2209 turned out.

Oh, the awkward angles of the self-photo. . .

My yellow twill skirt is in the works and is going rather well–provided I can get the zipper in properly. If you, like me, have ever struggled with a lapped zipper, you may want to drop by on Wednesday, because I might just have a secret to share with you.

May your Mondays be either wonderful or swift!


I'm done. Now, YOU can talk :)

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