The Weekend Cometh

Another weekend is upon us, hurray and hurray. That means it’s time to detail my Plans for Accomplishment.

First, I want to make my Iris shorts in yellow twill and be done with that pattern (until next spring when I will probably whip it out to make a new batch of fun shorts)! Since the construction of the shorts is really quite easy, I want to launch right into the making of my yellow twill skirt. Right now I’m thinking Simplicity 2211, view A. Cute, no? I’m wondering if I can do a different but complimentary fabric inside the pleats. I bought a square of quilting cotton that would do the trick. I may also use it for the tabs.

Also, it’s time to officially start on my shirt dress for the sew-along. My goal for the weekend is to simply trace the pattern pieces. I think I may also go ahead and trace pattern pieces for my Simplicity 2246 shirt dress. I’ve already ironed the tissue pieces to prepare them for tracing and I’m tired of them lying on top of my cabinet.

Speaking of shirt dresses, I need to hurry up and decide on fabric for the sew-along. It would certainly be wiser to choose something from my stash. I’m thinking my green and white gingham seersucker would be nice and summery. It would need to be lined though because it’s so sheer. I have a hankering to make a fabric-covered belt to go along with the dress, but I’m wondering if seersucker would be a good choice for that. Oh, oh–a green and white polka-dot broadcloth would be cute, I think! Hmm. . . decisions. . .

There are a hundred other things I’d like to do this weekend, but I know I won’t accomplish much more than I’ve already listed.

If I were to add one more thing, I might make New Look 6078 in this lovely aqua Swiss dot I bought to go with my Skirt of Many Miracles. It will also look rather darling with my yellow shorts! Or, maybe I’ll make a New Look 6808 (I love ALL of these–except those flutter sleeves. I hate flutter sleeves) because this girl really cannot have too many blouses!


I bought a bunch of Simplicity patterns this week thanks to the sales going on at both Jo-Ann’s and Hobby Lobby. I can’t imagine that there are modern Simplicity patterns out there that I want–I’m pretty sure I’ve bought them all. But, you know how that goes–I’ll find myself at Hobby Lobby again on Friday and I’ll say to myself, “They’re only 99 cents after all. . . ” and then buy ten more. It would be totally forgivable if I buy them for my niece, right? I don’t have any baby/toddler patterns, and what kind of aunt would I be if I didn’t make adorable clothes for my niece? I mean, really.

I wish you all great success with your weekend endeavors, whatever they may be!


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