Weekend, Ho!

Last night I did not wake up for my customary 3:00 coughing fit. You know what that means? It’s time to rejoin the land of the living and sewing. So, this morning while I was whining to the cats about my lack of anything to wear today (the gray dress I had put on because it matched my mood turned out to be too short to be work appropriate [insert massive eye-roll here]), I puttered around the sewing room and took survey of my potential projects.

Like I mentioned earlier, I need to reassemble my Easter Dress. I intend to make this quick and painless. The one thing that will take some time–well, the two things–will be getting the pleats just so and hand stitching the lining to the dress at the waist. The rest will go perfectly because I’m Not in the Mood.

Also, like I mentioned, I want to add some surface cording detail to my Interview Dress–then I’ll be able to chat about the project. And the fact that princess seams and I are not yet on speaking terms. We just–we just have some things to work through. It’s okay. We’ll make it.

And since those projects just aren’t enough to keep me busy, I intend to revisit my Iris shorts pattern and do a proper muslin to fix some fitting issues. I have some “riding up” issues with my fuchsia shorts and I wonder if raising the crotch (seriously–is there better word we can use here???) might solve the issue. But I also feel that I need a smidge more room in the seat. I also want to make a muslin for McCall’s 5391, the other shorts in my queue.

Of course, after the shorts comes the corresponding skirts. And then, my friends, I can be done with all my twill. Hurray and Huzzah.

Let’s see–two dresses, three shorts, three skirts–is that going to take up all my time?? Yes. But here’s something else I’ve got going: another Simplicity 2246. A sane Simplicity 2246 in a cool blue stripe. No lining on this one, my friends. Let’s keep it simple and summery.

My friend Ann gave me this sewing basket. She warned me that it was a Red Hat fabric, which I’m not really down with at this point in my existence. She said it would be easy to cover. After examining it, I’m not so sure. But, it is a good size and would be convenient for sewing-on-the-go. You know–like I do. So. . . maybe? It might require a partial miracle.

And finally, I’ve got the itch to paint my sewing room. The beige is killing the creativity. I am in love with blue and am thinking one of these shades:

My bedroom is a nice, cool blue and I love it. I never grow tired of it. It makes me feel serene, and when I feel serene, my brain works.

Also, I have to get the oil changed in my blasted car and I hate it. I hate doing anything that has to do with my car and mechanics. HATE it. So, here’s hoping that won’t take up too much of my sewing time.

Show of hands: who else plans to accomplish way more than is humanly possible?


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