Back, Ye Foul Cough!

As I’m coming to the last couple of drafts I wrote in the month or so before I actually “launched” Bobbins and Whimsy (or, “Bobs ‘n Whim” to its friends, “B-dubs” to the hipsters) I’ve been thinking about doing some restructuring on the ol’ blog. I work best with guidelines and goals. This aimless posting-whatever-strikes-my-fancy is fun, but it doesn’t help so much with the inspiration.

What would help with the inspiration is actually doing some sewing for Pete’s sake. To be fair to me, I have been quite sick (coughing up lungs and whatnot) and I’m currently (and inexplicably) so covered with mosquito bites I look positively diseased. We all know that it’s impossible to sew when you’re tired, and I’ve been averaging about four hours of sleep a night. So–I’m fairly exhausted in general.

All whining aside, I do need to get my brain in gear again. I’m going to take this week to recover and maybe sleep or whatever, then start up with the next project this weekend. I’m thinking maybe do a proper muslin for the Iris? Or put my Easter Dress back together (I totally deconstructed it last week. Probably the result of all the drugs, but I was pretty determined to fix those awful pleats)? I’ve also been playing around with the idea of adding surface cording (as seen in this tutorial) to my gray interview dress that I haven’t mentioned yet.

It’s times like these that I wish that I still got a proper summer vacation like when I was teaching. I very often wish I still were, but. . . bygones and all that. It’s just that I have so many projects I want to undertake! All of them summer appropriate–but I have a great desire to make a plan for my fall wardrobe and work on it ahead of time so I can focus on winter and Christmas during the autumn months. Not to mention the crazy ambitious but so exciting project that I can’t mention yet but it’s going to be SO AWESOME!!111!!

. . .

There’s never quite enough time, is there?

Alas and alack.

Anyways, like I said, I want to start thinking of a posting schedule and weekly features and the like to help keep things fresh and moving forward. Stagnation is a scary thing.

Sorry this post was a bit blathery. I hope my fellow sewists are having more success than I!


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