The Clue in the Mysterious Patterns

Okay, y’all. It’s time to get our Nancy Drew on, for I have a mystery.

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today. I’m still feeling under the weatherish, so I’ve been hanging out at home all day. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to skip a Wednesday, but I’ve gotten tired of watching Netflix and playing simulation games on my phone (Currently, I’m waiting for some dragon eggs to hatch. Anybody out there playing DragonVale? Wanna be buddies???).

Last Thursday, we went a’thrifting in Decatur and found in an only slightly frightening Value Village a small mess of patterns for ten cents. While it doesn’t measure up to the “I-bought-a-box-full-of-vintage-patterns-for-a-dollar-there-were-like-two-hundred-patterns-in-it!!!!” stories that I read, it was still pretty darn exciting. I found twelve good ones, mostly from the “Big 4,” but there were a few that I have no idea where they came from. I checked each one (they were all uncut–hurray!) but could find no designer name or year. All I know is they shipped from New York (for 2 1/2 cents). I did a quick google search for each one. Sometimes the name “Anne Adams” popped up. Sometimes “Mail Order.” A couple of them have “The Workbasket” printed on the envelope, but I didn’t really find any substantial information about it. So, I’m thinking maybe these were offered in a newspaper or magazine or something?

I just figured I’d see if anyone in my little readership had heard of or seen similar patterns to these.

I really like the simplicity of this one. I am curious to see how it’s constructed. Are those tucks? Pleats? I have no idea how this will translate on my figure.

I imagine this one in a nice–I don’t know–what’s something with a good drape? I think it would be a good mid-fall, early spring, just when the weather is beginning to turn sort of dress.

This one is similar to the previous. But I love the little bows. It feels 70s to me, though I admit I am not a good judge of era.

And here’s my favorite. Love the neckline with the tie. Love the. . . pleats?? Love the three quarter sleeves. I’m definitely wanting to make this one for the fall, but I need to conquer princess seams before then.

And there they are, the darling little things. I’m super excited to try these, but I have to admit that I’m very afraid of working with vintage patterns. Especially since they’re all single-sized (eep!). Let’s just say that I will need to give myself lots of time and lots of muslin. For, there will be slashing. And there will be spreading.

So. Much. Spreading.

P.S. HUGE fan of classic Nancy Drew. Seriously–her life was crazy fabulous!


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