The Pencil Skirt of the Wonky Pockets

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had a plan to sew four pairs of shorts and four skirts with this colorful twill I bought. I started with the fuchsia twill using Colette’s Iris shorts pattern (which, I mentioned, turned into a saga, so I’ll deal with that later.)

Yeah–clearly someone wasn’t watching what she was doing. . .

I discovered that I just might have enough fabric left over to make a skirt. So, I picked a pattern from the stash (Simplicity 2564), carefully laid out the pieces so I could see if it would work, determined that it would but only if I laid the pieces just so, and began to cut. Of course, as is usually the case with me, I turned a bit idiotic and did it wrong.

But, I pressed on. I’m not super tall (or tall at all), so I figured the skirt might still be long enough for me to wear to work.

Construction went well in general. It was my first experience with putting in a vent. I was a bit shy about it, but it turned out to be quite easy. I hit a snag, however, with the lapped zipper.

The instructions say to press under 5/8″ on one side and 1/2″ on the other side. But, here’s my issue: how do you make that work when you’ve already sewn a standard 5/8″ seam? Obviously, the 1/2″ side is not going to lie quite flat. Now, I could have done a quick internet search, but I was Not in the Mood. So, I followed the instructions on the zipper package and inserted a centered zipper instead. It did not turn out horribly. It also did not turn out well.

But, here’s my major issue with this skirt: The pockets.

They look simple, don’t they? And really, they were. But look closely.

Am I for serious with that stitching? So. Ugly. And drunken.

So, clearly, I need to learn how to top stitch on a curve. You can kind of tell that I used a shorter stitch, and I promise I was going very, very slow. Also, I had major issues trying to press the curve under. How??? How do you do this right?? I kept getting little points that I couldn’t seem to press out. Again, I could have done a quick internet search, but. . . you know. . .

I think, if I would be not half dead enough to sit down at my machine, it would do me good to practice. You know–draw a curved line on some leftover fabric and see if I can follow it.

What really irritates me is how beautiful my very quick, very long basting stitch (which, yes, I know I should have used a different color) turned out. I mean–are you kidding me right now???

I also noticed, the last time I wore the skirt, that the waistband is doing this strange rippling thing. It’s cut on the bias, so maybe the facing is pulling it weird? Maybe I can give it a good pressing and fix the problem. I still need to work on my facings. They always go awry.

Here is the happy, happy thing about this skirt: it is super comfortable. I also really like the splashes of teal. I tried putting lace hem tape in, but it was very scratchy and, sadly, had to be removed.

So, like everything else I’ve made, it’s not quite perfect–but I’m getting there!


I'm done. Now, YOU can talk :)

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