Sewing for Sewing’s Sake

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.

(A lot of thinking, and not a lot of sewing. . .my job is killing me, y’all.)

I don’t care about fashion. I know nothing about designers, and when I do catch a glimpse of a fashion show, I generally think everything is ugly and there’s not a real person on the planet who can actually wear any of the creations they parade up and down the runway. I sort of pity people who are addicted to labels and enjoy nothing more than peppering their talk with names of designers that no one can afford.

So, I guess it’s a little odd that I decided to make clothes.

Or is it? I mean–I definitely care how I look each day. I just can’t really say what my “style” is. I like what I like. I like clothes that are comfortable, that flatter my shape, and that are pretty. It has become increasingly hard to find clothes that fit me.

Which brings me to my point.

Do I sew because I like the clothes? Or because I enjoy the craft?

Or because I love the fabric?? Because that’s totally legit.

Now, if I were only interested in sewing as a hobby, this would not be a big deal. But, I honestly think that my future lies in sewing as a profession. This may seem silly since I just started. But, you know how sometimes you just know? I know.

I do wonder, though, if it would be much less fun for me if I were sewing for other people. I did make a skirt for a friend and a tie for another friend, and I definitely enjoyed working on both of those projects. If I spend the majority of my time making things for other people, would I get tired of all that cutting and sewing?

Perhaps that fact that I really want to learn how to do things correctly and how to manage advanced techniques and how to use mysterious tools like tailor’s hams and petersham ribbon and horsehair braid–maybe this means I really want to learn the craft.

I just have to be careful. When you’ve been working a terrible job for as long as I have and you are so desperate to get the heck out, you may find that you grasp at every straw in the hopes that it is actually a rope that will pull you out of the pit of despair. Not trying to be melodramatic–but I really HATE this job.

Of course, I’m not saying that sewing just because you really want a new dress or two is a bad thing. It’s perfectly legitimate. But you can’t really make a living by making yourself clothes. Unless you’re so awesome that people pay you thousands of dollars just to see what you wear everyday.

. . .

How do I get THAT job???

Anyways–I’m just thinking that if you plan to make sewing your career, you really need to love sewing for sewing’s sake.

What are your thoughts, fellow sewists? Seamsters? (I don’t know–maybe it’s just me–I really don’t mind being called a seamstress. It sounds elegant to my brain.) Are you addicted to techniques and perfection? Or are you satisfied when something is perfectly wearable?

P.S. I finally managed to get out and do a bit of thrifting. And Guess. What. I. Found. . .

They were 10 cents. Best day ever.


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