A Cure for Wardrobe Dysfunction

That’s it.

It’s time.

I have been thinking about this for some time now, but the Time Has Come.

I am one of those people who opens her closet, stares dejectedly at her choices, hates everything, closes the door, and is late for work. Usually, there’s also some languishing on the floor involved. The earlier in the morning, the more languishment.

There is no need for this foolishness. There’s no need. . . but there are reasons.

Reason, the First: I went to a tiny little Christian college that had a ridiculous dress code. I’m so not getting into all of that here. I made my choice and it’s done let’s move on okay. Being severely limited in what I could wear, I ended up spending tons of money on items of clothing that I hated and really didn’t want to wear but bought simply because it met the dress code requirements (I’m looking at you, Long Khaki Skirt), and the more clothes I had the less I had to do laundry. Once I graduated, I tossed pretty much all of those clothes. Not just because I hated them, but also because they reminded me of being in college still and I was SO DONE with all of that mess.

When I began teaching, I panicked because (surprise!) I had nothing to wear. So, once again, I bought and bought and bought clothes that were inexpensive just for the sake of being able to get dressed in the morning. And once again, I hated everything.

And now I work part time and have no money for buying clothes.

Reason, the Second: I hate to shop.

I really do. Sure, it’s fun when you have lots of money to spend. It’s not when you have to hem and haw over every little decision. And trying to find things that fit my strange shape? Ugh–hand over the burlap.

This is one reason I decided to take up sewing. Shopping for fabric is JOYOUS! It’s so full of potential and glory!

Anyways, I am officially tired of hating what I wear. And it’s really not true that I own only crap. So, this weekend, in addition to beginning to sew some separates, I’m going to purge my closet and drawers of everything that I hate and everything that doesn’t and never will fit. No mercy!

There are some things that I don’t wear right now that I know I need to hold on to. For instance, I’m going through a phase (usually hits in spring and summer) where I refuse to wear pants. Skirts and shorts only, please! But, I know that come late fall, I’ll want those pants (if they still fit–must stop expanding!). Maybe if I learn to make some nice brightly colored pants (J.Crew anyone?), I’ll enjoy wearing them again.

These are the three questions I will ask myself about every garment:

1. Do I love it?

I mean really love it. I want to enjoy wearing my clothes. No more strictly utility clothing for me.

2. Do I need it?

There are some things, like black trousers, that are necessary for a well-rounded wardrobe. I think maybe I need to make a definitive list of my wardrobe necessities.

3. Does it fit?

This should be common sense. Sometimes, I don’t have common sense. And by “fit,” I mean, does it fit the way it’s supposed to. Right now. Not later when I become the super skinny version of myself that I rather miss (sigh. . . ).

In fact, I’m pretty sure these will be the questions that I will ask myself about anything I buy should I ever shop again.

Let’s just say that it’s high time I learned from my mistakes and stopped repeating my shopping history. This is much easier to commit to now that I have started sewing. There isn’t a RTW (I’ve learned that this means “Ready to Wear”–thanks, other people’s sewing blogs!) dress out there that will fit me better than what I make for myself–especially once I figure out what the heck I’m doing.

I must say, I’m really looking forward to my closet cleaning. It’s always very refreshing to clear up some space–helps me breathe, you know?

P.S. I actually wrote this about a month ago. So, the closet has already been cleaned out and the separates are being sewn. Seriously, if you haven’t cleaned out your closet and drawers, definitely do it soon!

Fall and winter clothes that I want to keep. They are spending the summer in my dresser in the basement. I decided it was ridiculous to keep all my cold weather clothes in my room during the summer.

These clothes are currently hanging out in the trunk of my car because I can’t for the life of me remember to drop them off anywhere. See all those jeans? Yep–I’m breaking my denim dependency.

Neville helped.


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